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Explanation of Health Care Abbreviations

Explanation of Health Care Abbreviations and Acronyms

ADA      American Dental Association
AMA   American Medical Association
ANSI   American National Standards Institute
ASC   Accredited Standards Committee
CISO   Chief Information Security Officer
CMS   Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
DHHS   Department of Health and Human Services
DSMO   Designated Standard Maintenance Organizations
EDI   Electronic Data Information
GHP   Group Health Plan
HCFA   Health Care Financing Administration now called CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)
HHS   Health and Human Services
IIHI   Individually Identifiable Health Information
NCPDP   National Council for Prescription Drug Programs
NCVHS   National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics
NEI   National Employer Identifier (EIN)
NHPI   National Health Plan Identifier
NII   National Individual Identifier
NPI   National Provider Identifier
NPS   National Provider System
NUBC   National Uniform Billing Committee
NUCC   National Uniform Claim Committee
PHI   Protected Health Information
SDO   Standard Development Organizations
SNIP   Standard National Implementation Process
TPA   Third Party Administrator
TPO   Treatment Payment Operations
UHI   Unique Health Identifier
WEDI   Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange