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A healthy lifestyle is its own reward, but why not give your clients a little extra incentive to take the actions that can make a difference in their health and well-being? Our rewards program motivates members. We can customize a plan for every client.

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We identify actions and activities that will lower out-of-pocket costs and your total health care costs for customers, along with incentives. Current incentives include health benefits, reimbursements, cash or a variety of other rewards. We’ll create an automated solution unique to each client, designed to get their employees to participate and better their health, based on clinically measured activities.

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Do you want your company’s wellness program to succeed?

The solution is simple: Reward your employees for doing the right thing.

For more information reach out to your BlueCross broker or account executive – or give us a call at (888) 924-2204.

Beyond Our Rewards

Our sustained engagement solutions go beyond incentives. We also provide:

  • Coaching services to motivate and encourage your employees
  • Proactive outreach services to close gaps in care
  • Worksite Wellness Certification Programs to promote a healthy workplace
  • Wellness Challenges to encourage healthy behaviors
  • Care Campaigns with the tools to manage them
  • Outreach by phone, mail, text or email