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Health Consultants at Your Service

Use our decades of health expertise to ensure your clients’ success in starting a new wellness program or enhancing an existing one.

Making the Most of Your Wellness Program

Our consultants will visit your customers and offer them recommendations and personalized solutions for beginning or improving their wellness program. Our Health Promotion Consultants use our best-in-class data services and analytics to form a 360° view of each client’s unique culture and cost-drivers. You can expect extensive reporting packages available 24/7, including proactive recommendations and ROI information.

We offer some basic complimentary services and a huge variety of packages that have been successful for other clients.

Get Results

Merely offering a wellness program is no guarantee people will participate or that you’ll improve your people’s health. Let us help. In 2014, our consultants saw a 95 percent improvement in member participation and they increased member engagement by 88 percent.


To learn more about our health consultants reach out to your BlueCross broker or account executive – or give us a call at (888)-924-2204.