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Health Promotion Consulting

Some of your clients want more from their wellness programs. Our Health Promotion Consulting program is the solution they need.

Health Promotion Consultants: Partners in Wellness

If your clients want the highest level of personalized wellness service, they will find it through a relationship with one of our Health Promotion Consultants.

Here's one way to explain this valuable program to your clients: Their Health Promotion Consultant is their company’s personal wellness expert. Consultants work with companies to grow or build culturally competent, meaningful and engaging wellness programs.

Each consultant experience begins with a site visit. After the visit, your client can expect the consultant to:

  • Provide a reporting review and recommendations
  • Offer personalized solutions for designing and building a wellness program that works

Superior Reporting Services

Our Health Promotion Consultants use our best-in-class data services and analytics to ramp up their recommendations. Those services benefit your clients because consultants use the data to form a 360° view of each company’s unique culture and cost-drivers.

Clients can expect:

  • Extensive reporting packages available 24/7, including proactive recommendations and ROI information
  • Mobile reporting application for clients with more than 1,000 members


Are you an Employer?

Learn more about what our wellness program can do for you.


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