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Sustained Engagement Tools

Your clients can implement customized incentive management programs that motivate employees to live healthier lives through BlueHealth RewardsSM.

The success or failure of your client’s corporate wellness program comes down to two words: Employee engagement. We provide solutions that sustain employee engagement.

BlueHealth Rewards: Incentive Management for Your Company

BlueHealth Rewards is a turnkey incent program that rewards employees for healthy behaviors. We can incent on coaching participation, claims data, wellness challenges and more.

Here's how it works:

  • We help your client decide which "incentable actions" will help lower members’ out-of-pocket costs and the company’s total health care costs
  • Your client decides which incentives to provide – health benefits, reimbursements, cash or a variety of other rewards
  • We provide your clients with an automated incentive solution to distribute rewards to eligible employees

Beyond BlueHealth Rewards

Our sustained engagement solutions go beyond incentives. We also provide:

  • Coaching services to motivate and encourage members
  • Proactive outreach services to close gaps in care
  • Worksite Wellness Certification programs to promote a healthy workplace
  • Wellness Challenges to encourage healthy behaviors
  • Care Campaigns –and the tools to manage them
  • Outreach by phone, mail, text or email – meaning we can reach members via the communication channel they prefer
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