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A Wellness Center for Better Health

When members have easy access to health information, tools, and resources, you make it easier for them to reach their health goals. Our resources and tools provide your clients everything they need to take charge of their health, including self-directed coaching, health trackers, food and exercise diary and more.

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Reaching Goals

Our wellness portal is a convenient, easily accessible way to set and reach their health goals. The secure online portal offers a range of wellness resources, including:

Personal Health Assessment (PHA)

This interactive experience identifies clients identify their employees’ risks based on their current lifestyle habits, diet and exercise levels. The PHA gives each member a baseline for their health and merges that information with your claims data.

Self-Directed Coaching

Our online educational coaching sessions offer an easy, fun way to make smarter lifestyle choices. Available 24/7, the coaching modules provide self-management and motivation as your employees focus on their wellness.

Biometric Screenings

Simple screenings, such as height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol tests provide us with data we can integrate with Personal Health Assessments and the claims experience. This allows us to identify potential engagement opportunities for each individual and your overall population. Available as an option.

Lifestyle Health Coaching

Our coaches motivate, educate and provide guidance on setting and reaching goals for tobacco cessation, weight loss and stress management. Members have unlimited interactions with coaches via telephone, secure messaging, and our mobile app. Available as an option.


To learn more about our wellness portal reach out to your BlueCross broker or account executive – or give us a call at (888) 924-2204.