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The following items are included in the BlueElite Sales Kit:

BlueElite Brochure
Stock Code: 123779_BE_MB
Publication date: 06/11

Outline of Medicare Supplement Coverage
Stock Code: 123776_BE_OC
Publication date: 03/10

BlueElite Application 
Stock Code: 123776_BE_APP
Publication date: 02/10

BlueElite Rate Sheet
Stock Code: 123776-BE-RS (05.11).
Publication date: 06/11

Notice of Privacy Practices
Stock Code: M-212
Publication date: 04/09

Medicare Guide
Stock Code: COMM-BC65-30
Note: PDF is not available

Medicare Supplement Replacement Form
Stock Code: APP-20-I
Publication date: 03/10

BlueElite Authorized Agent Envelope
Stock Code: FORM-126
Publication date: 03/10

Page Modified:May 15, 2012