It's a New Day in Health Care.

About cost savings to lower your monthly premium.

It's a New Day in Health Care.

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Cost Savings Basics

New Tax Credit Helps Make Coverage More Affordable

The health care law established a federal tax credit that can help lower what you pay each month for health insurance you buy on your own. If you qualify for the tax credit, you can choose when to take it – in advance or when you file your tax return. There are pros and cons to each choice, so make sure you understand all the details.

The tax credit is available to a wide range of income levels. Even if you think your income might be too high to qualify, you might be surprised.

Do I Qualify for the Tax Credit?

Tax credits depend on income and family size and are available for people making up to 400 percent of the Federal Poverty Level:

Single Person

with an income up to $45,960*

Family of 4

with an income up to $94,200*

Family of 5

with an income up to $110,280*

Family of 6

with an income up to $126,360*

Family of 7

with an income up to $142,440*

Family of 8

with an income up to $158,520*

*Figures based on 2013 Poverty Guidelines

The federal government's website can confirm if you're eligible for the tax credit – and how much it might help you.

You may be able to get help paying copays, deductibles and and other costs.
Help With Other Costs

Am I Eligible for Help With Health Insurance Premiums?

The federal government's website can help you see if you might be eligible for the tax credit – and how much it might help you. Find Out

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But you could still qualify for affordable coverage if you’ve had a life event. These events include marriage, a new child, moving to a new area, losing coverage through your job, and other life changes. See if you qualify!

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