Monthly Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Monthly Claims Statement?

A Monthly Claims Statement is a new report from BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee that shows the medical and dental benefits paid to providers on your behalf over a 28-day period.  The report is clear, making it easy to understand what your benefits paid and what you paid.  The monthly summary has less impact on the environment than individual explanations of benefits (EOBs) because less paper goes into producing it.

Will I still receive EOBs?

You will still receive EOBs online.  They will continue to be posted online, when they are processed, just as they are now.  If you wish, you can print them off when you want them.  No EOBs will be automatically mailed after October 1, 2009.

Who will receive the Monthly Claims Statement?

If you currently receive mailed EOBs, you’ll get the new summary by mail, as well-- but only if you have a medical or dental claim in a 28-day period. Starting in October, you’ll no longer be mailed individual EOBs.

If you chose to “Go Paperless” on communications from BlueCross, you will not receive Monthly Claims Statements.  You can go to the Personal Health Statement (PHS) on BlueAccess to see similar information -- only better.  Claim information is more up to date in your online Personal Health Statement because claims are reflected there at the same time your EOB is posted online.  The Monthly Claims Statement shows claims over a recent 28-day period, but since it’s paper, it can’t be as timely as the electronic Personal Health Statement. 

Why is BlueCross stopping EOBs?

BlueCross is not stopping EOBs. You will still be able to see your family’s EOBs online.  BlueCross will no longer automatically mail them to you when a claim is paid on your behalf. You’ll get a Monthly Claims Statement instead, showing your benefits paid over a 28-day period. 

BlueCross is making this change as part of an effort to stop paper waste and serve our members better.  The Monthly Claims Statement uses less paper to produce than multiple EOBs do and is easy to understand.

Can I see the Monthly Claims Statement online and stop the paper version?

No, Monthly Claims Statements won’t be available online.   An even better report – your Personal Health Statement – is already online and can give you more comprehensive, up-to-date information.  You can stop receiving paper EOBs now or the Monthly Claims Statement in October by logging into BlueAccess on bcbst.com and following instructions in the Go Paperless! section.  Then, click on Personal Health Statement and see the health benefits you received.

What’s the difference in an EOB and the Monthly Claims Statement?

An EOB is posted online and may also be mailed whenever a claim is filed on your behalf.  A Monthly Claims Statement summarizes the medical and/or dental claims paid over the past month and is sent to people who have had their EOBs mailed to them in the past.  If you have 10 claims filed over a two-week period, you currently receive 10 EOBs on 10 separate sheets of paper.  Starting in October for members receiving paper EOBs, if you have 10 claims filed in a two-week period, you will receive the one Monthly Claims Statement that clearly shows what was owed and who paid what amount on two pages instead.

Will I receive a Monthly Claims Statement even if I don’t have any claims?

No.  You’ll be sent a Monthly Claims Statement only when you have claims in the previous month – and only if your EOBs are currently mailed.

I don’t have a computer/printer, so how can I get a copy of an EOB?

Call the customer service number on your member ID card when you need a copy of an EOB.

Does the Monthly Claims Statement show prescription drug benefits?

No.  It shows medical and/or dental benefits.  If your company has prescription drug coverage through BlueCross, you can view those benefits in your Personal Health Statement on bcbst.com in the BlueAccess secure pages.

When will Monthly Claims Statements begin?

You will receive a Monthly Claims Statement in October, if you have a medical or dental claim paid on your behalf in September and if you receive your EOBs by mail now.  If you have no claims, no statement will be sent.

Will the new statement really save paper?

Yes, by changing to Monthly Claims Statements, 50 million sheets of paper a year should be saved. 

How do I stop paper mailings altogether?

Go to bcbst.com and log into BlueAccess.  On the menu page that appears, find the Go Paperless! section.  Follow instructions from there to sign up for online newsletters and online EOB notices.

Will stopping mailed EOBs reduce the amount I pay for insurance?

Although BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee works to keep costs down day in, day out, moving to Monthly Claims Statements are not likely have much effect on your costs.  The rates BlueCross charges your employer are driven by medical cost trends that are rising.

What can have the most effect on health care costs in the U.S. is for all of us to maintain healthy lifestyles.  Eat right and exercise often to stay healthy. 

Page Modified:July 29, 2009