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Gold Plan

Looking for a little more coverage to help you with your medical costs? Our Gold plans provide the extra security and peace of mind you’re looking for through a variety of options – like plans with no deductibles or $3 copays for generic medications.

A Gold Plan might be right for you if you tend to have many doctor visits or need regular prescriptions but don’t want to pay for the higher level of coverage available in a Platinum Plan.


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Monthly Premium:

As low as $194.81*


In-network coverage from $0 to $3,500

Out-of-Pocket Max:

In-network coverage from $2,100 to $6,350

Other Features:

Preventive medical coverage

Plans with Office Visit Copays as low as $10

Plans with Prescription Drug Copays as low as $3

Pediatric Vision Coverage included

Pediatric Dental Coverage included

Plans that pay all costs after deductible is met

*Premiums vary by age and location. Price shown does not include any financial assistance which may be available to you through the Health Insurance Marketplace.