Medical, Dental & Vision

Complete coverage for what matters most

We believe together is better. It's why we offer medical, dental and vision to cover all of you, from head to toe, with the simplicity of one card and one team right here in Tennessee.

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Together is better

Medical, Dental & Vision on one card

Complete coverage made easy

Medical, dental and vision all in one place means one card and one team committed to your health from head to toe.

You’re covered, wherever you go

You can find the right doctors no matter where you are with access to the largest network in the nation.

Working together for your health

We’re dedicated to improving health with nearly 75 years of experience and being right here whenever you need us.

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Complete coverage for every smile

Dental is part of the head-to-toe coverage we offer. Our dental plan gives you convenience, savings and exceptional care to keep you covered each year whether you need a simple checkup or something much bigger.

2 Exams per year
2 Cleanings per year
x-rays icon x-rays & fillings + other services

There’s more to your dental plan

There’s a dentist for you wherever you are

You will have access to one of the largest dental networks in Tennessee, which makes it easier to find the dental care you need, closer to where you are.

You’ll get significant savings

Visiting a dentist in your network means you start saving money right away.

We’ll keep you covered each year

Annual exams, cleanings and x-rays are covered from day one - at no cost to you.

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We’re looking out for your eye health

We’re here to help keep you and your eyes healthier with more complete coverage. Our low-cost vision plans include annual eye exams, glasses, contacts and additional savings for all of your eye care needs.

Easy Online Shopping
Low Monthly Premium

Get more from your vision plan

Let’s start with the basics

Regardless of what you choose, our vision plans include a routine eye exam every 12 months for each family member your plan covers.

We give you more options for care

We offer one of the largest networks of vision providers including some of the top retail eye care stores. So, it’s even easier to stay in network and pay less out of pocket.

We offer more ways to save

You’ll get network discounts and can use your benefits online at and