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Together is better

At BlueCross BlueShield of Tenessee, we believe togther is better. It's why we offer medical, dental and vision coverage for you and your employees with the simplicity of having one card and one team that's been here for nearly 75 years.

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Complete Coverage

When your medical, dental and vision coverage is combined, we see the big picture and can spot potential issues to help keep you healthier, from head to toe.

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easier Claims
improves Overall
Lower costs For All

Complete coverage made easy

Medical, dental and vision all in one place means one card and one team committed to your employees’ health from head to toe.

You’re covered, wherever you go

Your employees can find the right doctors no matter where they are with access to the largest network in the nation.

Working together for your health

We’re dedicated to improving health with nearly 75 years of experience and being right here whenever you or your employees need us.

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We’ve got your dental health covered

Our dental plans work together with your group’s medical and vision plans. That’s head-to-toe coverage for your employees with the convenience of a single point of contact and having all of your information in one place.

Extra Benefits for Certain Medical Conditions
Advanced Tools, Technology & Reporting
The Country's Largest Dental Network

Choosing the right dental plan

From covering basic cleanings to major dental work, our plans offer customization, convenience and more affordable options that can be tailored to your group’s size and needs. No matter what plan your company chooses, your employees will receive excellent coverage, savings and more from the largest network in the nation.

Expert support meets excellent service

Reliable support team

We have a dedicated Member Care Team based right here in Tennessee ready to help with anything you or your employees need regarding plans, programs and care.

Simplicity of one card

We believe together is better. Your employees will have one ID card and one team for head-to-toe coverage, as well as integrated claims to make it easier to manage their health.

Better tools and technology

With better tools and technology, we not only connect members and providers to help them make the best decisions for their needs, but we also offer ways to improve health and lower costs for your employees.

Online and mobile access

As members, your employees will be able to access their benefits and coverage information at any time through our secure member portal (BlueAccessSM) and mobile app (myBlueTNSM).

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Vision coverage made clear and simple

Our vision plans are designed to be flexible and work hand-in-hand with your group’s medical and dental coverage. So, you and your employees have the convenience of one card and one team to help cover the things that matter most.

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Choosing the right vision plan

We offer a variety of vision plans that can be customized based on your group’s needs. From covering the basics including annual eye exams to covering eyewear and materials, all of our plans offer additional savings on vision care, access to the largest network in the nation and a dedicated team that’s here for whatever you need.

Making it easier to focus on what matters

Coverage made simple

Our vision plans are easy to understand and give your employees the freedom to choose the frames, lenses or contact lenses that work best for them.

Access to care and services

With the largest network nationwide, your employees have access to a wide selection of eye care retailers and providers, including online shopping with and So, they can get care, services and state-of-the art products that fit their needs and lifestyles.

Real-time information

We will keep your employees informed and let them know exactly what they will pay for vision care or eyewear while they’re at their provider.

Additional savings

We offer discounts up to 40% on select vision care items and services that may not be covered, including additional eyeglasses and LASIK.

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