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Individual and Family Plans

When your life changes, your health plan can, too.

The Open Enrollment Period ended December 15, 2017, but if you’ve had a major life change recently, you may still be able to enroll or change plans. Learn more about these Special Enrollment Periods (SEPs) and see if you qualify.

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Do You Need Verification to Sign Up?

For some of life’s changes, you’ll need to send us documentation when you sign up for a health plan. These changes include:

  • Losing your previous health coverage
  • Moving from an area where we didn’t offer coverage to one where we do
  • Having a baby
  • Getting married
  • Adopting a child, placement for adoption or in foster care, or child support or other court order


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Finding the plan that’s best for you is easy.

Not sure if you qualify for financial assistance? Find out.

Why Choose Blue?

All of our individual plans are built on our most popular network, Blue Network SSM, which includes many providers throughout the state. We also give you lots of extras to help keep you well and save you money, like:

  • Free preventive care and screenings
  • Member discounts
  • Coverage when you travel out of state
  • Easy ways to help you manage your health

You Could Qualify for Financial Assistance

You could qualify for a tax credit to help lower the costs of your health coverage. Tennesseans who qualify for financial assistance receive an average of $903 a month to lower their premiums. Use this Health Insurance Marketplace Calculator to see if you qualify.

Our Plans

Our Individual Marketplace Plans

We offer Individual/Marketplace plans in six of eight Tennessee regions in 2018. Our Bronze, Silver and Gold plans all feature our most popular network, Blue Network SSM.

Our Network

Blue Network S includes access to 26,000 quality doctors and hospitals for all four of our plans. Use our Find a Doctor tool to see if your doctors are in it. If you don’t have a doctor, now’s a great time to find one.


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Coverage Areas

BlueCross offers 2018 Individual & Family Plans to people who live in the areas shaded blue.
BlueCross does not offer 2018 Individual & Family Plans to people who live in the areas shaded orange.


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