Eat Right, Feel Good.

Better choices can improve your health.

Eat Right, Feel Good.

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Food for Thought

When you put high-quality fuel in your car, it runs better. It's the same way with your body – when you make better food choices, you can improve your health. Read these articles to help you think smarter about the food you eat and how it can boost your health.

Eating smarter not only improves your health – it can also help you have fun and be creative with food.  

Smart Snacking

Most of us get hungry during the long stretch between lunch and dinner. Learn to avoid vending machine food and select healthy snacks instead.



Brain Food

Can you really improve your brain function just by eating better? It's certainly worth a try! Find out what foods boost your brainpower.



Recipe: Avocado Chocolate Pudding

Looking for a cool summer treat? Try this recipe for delicious avocado-chocolate pudding as a great snack or dessert.



Create Your Own Meal Plan

What's for dinner tonight? Try these tips for creating a healthy meal plan for the whole family.



Vegetarian Diet and a Healthier Life

There are many benefits of a vegetarian diet. Discover the types of vegetarian diets and the positive results of choosing one.



Recipe: Foil Packet Chicken Dinner

Here's a uniquely creative and delicious dinner that's easy to make and reduces cleanup time!


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