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Helpful Ways to Take Control

Simple-to-use tools for managing your health

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Helpful Ways to Take Control

Health Management Tools

As a BlueCross member, our service to you goes beyond simply paying your claims. We want to help you get healthy and stay healthy. Your plan includes a variety of easy-to-use programs, services and fun, interactive ways to stay on target with your health and wellness goals.

Take advantage of these tools and a variety of other applications you can use to stay on track.



Member Wellness Site

Featuring trackers and a personal health assessment to monitor your progress and calculators to help with important health decisions. Taking your PHA can be the first step toward a healthy future, and it’s easy to do. Available when you login to BlueAccess, this health assessment allows you to see your risks and healthy habits in a personal wellness report and action plan. Use this online health center to get personalized health reminders and access articles and medical resources that interest you. Click on the “My Health and Wellness” tab in BlueAccess today to take advantage of these tools and a variety of other applications you can use to stay on track.

24/7 Nurseline

Not sure what to do about a fever, symptom or pain? Your plan may include access to our Nurseline. No matter what the concern or general health question - consider our 24/7 NurseChat as your own personal team of nurses, on call for day or night. Login to BlueAccess and get answers

My Health Channel

Take Charge of your health with the Condition Center, an online resource available under most plans. The Condition Center features easy-to-understand information about managing diabetes, heart disease, lung disease or depression and can help you better understand your health and health-related risks. Thinking about surgery or a medical procedure, but want to know more about all of your treatment options first? Get the health information and answers you want and need by exploring our library of interactive videos.

Social Media

BlueCross social media is another way for us to help you when and where you need it most. We answer questions, respond to comments and encourage discussions with sites like Facebook and Twitter. Find inspiration, get tips for getting active, eating well and staying healthy. 


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