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    Host a Healthy Dinner Party for the Holidays

    Host a Healthy Dinner Party for the Holidays

    With Sunday football get-togethers, afterschool events and the holidays in full swing, it’s likely you’ll be hosting parties for friends and family very soon. But parties don’t have to ruin your healthy holiday eating goals.

    Check out the strategies below for throwing a healthy dinner party that will allow you and your guests to enjoy both food and holiday fun!

    Our first tip: remember the key to successful entertaining is simplicity. Take the healthy holiday eating approach and keep it stress-free!

    Eat Well

    • To avoid sampling, chew sugarless gum while preparing and serving food (or while putting away leftovers).
    • At your healthy dinner party, serve an hors d’oeuvres tray with carrots, celery, broccoli and cauliflower — and offer a low-fat dip in scooped-out red and green bell peppers. For a festive flair, serve your favorite stew or soup in a hollowed-out mini-pumpkin or acorn squash.
    • Instead of the usual hamburgers and hot dogs, grill shrimp, chicken, heart-healthy salmon or meatless options like turkey burgers. Or make zesty kabobs by alternating lean meats, chicken, veggies and fruit.

    Holiday parties don’t have to ruin your healthy eating goals.

    Get Healthy Recipes

    Move More

    • Get a good night’s sleep the day before your healthy dinner party, so you have the energy you need to enjoy visiting with your guests.
    • Take your child or a pet for a quick 10-minute walk before and after the party to burn additional calories.
    • During the party, keep busy by mingling with your guests, playing games, taking pictures, or even turning the radio up and dancing away some extra calories!

     Live Life

    • Fill your buffet table with fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables and colored napkins. Light some scented candles throughout the room to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere.
    • Once the party begins, be sure to take the time to enjoy the company of your close friends and family. After all your hard work, you deserve it!
    • “I’m never able to get through a party without cheating on my diet.” Does this sound like you? If so you may be an “Inner-Critic” when it comes to your weight loss mindset. Focus on a more positive mindset by telling yourself something affirming like, “I can have fun at the party without overdoing it.”

     When it comes to sticking to healthy holiday eating plans, remember — you can do this! Throwing a healthy dinner party complete with delicious, good-for-you foods and lots of fun is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays and ring in the New Year.

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