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    How to Stay Happy

    Some days, life seems to drag you down. You get caught up in your work, home, or family, and before you know it, you're feeling depressed and overwhelmed. You're not alone. Everyone has times when life gets the best of them. You can choose to be a victim of the stress or you can choose to conquer it and win by learning how to stay happy.

    Learn how to stay happy, and those feelings of overwhelmed depression will be few and far between.

    Staying happy is a frame of mind. You can think of a stressful or unhappy situation as a roadblock that holds you back, or you can see it as a hurdle to jump over and go on your way. Happy people always see the positive side of things. You may have your doubts about the benefits of an optimistic point of view, but science agrees. Many studies show that happy people tend to be healthier people. Happy people look at stress as a challenge instead of something to fear.

    A big component of learning how to stay happy is embracing humor. A good laugh can make you instantly happy. Take a few minutes to think about the happiest people you've known throughout your life; now think of how many times you've seen them laughing. You've probably seen them laughing a lot. Even in trying times, a sense of humor never steers you wrong. Not only does a sense of humor help you, it can diffuse the stress in those around you.

    Think of the down times you've had in your life and instead of feeling bad about them, think of the lesson you learned from the experience. Make a mental note the next time a situation like that comes along. You’ll handle it differently and maybe even find some humor in it.

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