From 1 to 101.

Every age has different needs.

From 1 to 101.

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Health for All Ages

Regular checkups, immunizations and preventive tests help you stay healthy and informed. Find out how often you and your family need to visit the doctor, and what you can expect during these visits!

At every age, there are things you can do to be at your very best health.


You have many decisions to make about your infant’s health, wellness and safety. Luckily, when it comes to preventive checkups and immunizations, your choice is easy.



Your child may look or feel healthy, but he or she could have a health problem. Learn what you need to know to find health problems early, before they become serious.



As a teen, you can start taking charge of your health, like keeping that smile healthy and white with regular dental checkups. See what else you need to do stay healthy.



It’s important that your doctor find health problems early, when they are most treatable. Find out what procedures your doctor may do during your regular checkup.



How often do you see your doctor for a wellness visit or checkup? Learn more about how often you need a checkup and what you can expect.


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