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The Most Common Allergies in Tennessee and What You Can Do About Them

Tennessee has one of the highest seasonal allergy rates in the country. Here are its most common allergies:

  • Flowers: These blooming beauties send out massive amounts of airborne pollen to aid in their reproduction. In Tennessee, some of these floral culprits are daisies, goldenrod, chamomile and chrysanthemums.
  • Trees: Tennessee's stately trees comprise one of the most common allergies. Common local trees that inflame spring allergic reactions include walnut, willow, elm, mulberry and hazelnut.
  • Mold: Mold is present year round, but in springtime it releases its spores into the air, causing various allergic reactions.

You can't avoid spring, but you can try to avoid some of these associated allergies.

Most common allergies

Allergies aren't going away, but knowing what causes them and how to avoid each one will help you enjoy the change in seasons.

Close Doors and Windows

Whether you're at home, at the office or in the car, leave the breeze and fresh air for those who need the extra ventilation. By keeping your windows and doors shut, you'll let in fewer of the offending pollen spores.

Stay Indoors

Although it's not as fun spending some spring days inside, your nose and eyes will thank you. Just like closing windows prevents pollen from getting inside, staying indoors when pollen is at its highest means you'll come in contact with fewer allergens. Local weather websites and apps often report daily pollen counts, which can help you decide whether it's an indoor or outdoor day.


Your air conditioning unit has a spot for filters, and you can buy one that's specially formulated to trap allergens.

Wash, Wash, Wash

If you've been outside and the pollen count is high, take a shower when you come in and throw your clothes in the wash. This helps keep spores out of your house and prevents your body from absorbing them.


There's a reason so many allergy medications are on the market this time of year, both prescription and over-the-counter.

Other Seasonal Allergies

Tennessee makes the AAFA's list again for one of the most challenging places to live with fall allergies. Common fall allergies include ragweed, mold (spores love damp piles of leaves outdoors) and dust mites. Turning on the heater in the fall can send those mites airborne.

Does Age Matter?

If you have allergies, you may have noticed symptoms are stronger at different times in your life. It's not your imagination: Medical studies, like those by Seminars in Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, show allergy symptoms declining with age but peaking in your teens and 20s.

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