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    Secondhand Smoke and Children

    If you're a smoker, you may believe you're only affecting your own health by your decision to continue. However, secondhand smoke and children's related poor health is a very real thing. Secondhand smoke (airborne smoke from burning tobacco) can make you, your family, and even your pets sick. Here are some facts to consider about secondhand smoke and children:

    • Children living with smokers tend to suffer more coughing, wheezing, ear infections, bronchitis, and pneumonia.
    • Asthmatic kids may have more frequent and more severe attacks.
    • Secondhand smoke is linked to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), according to the Surgeon General.
    • There is an increased likelihood that children of smokers will become smokers too.
    • Secondhand smoke can cause lung cancer and heart disease.

    In addition, secondhand smoke can cause an increased risk of tumors and cancer in cats, dogs, and birds. So you see, it's not just yourself you're affecting when you light up a cigarette or cigar. Make life healthier for yourself…and for everyone. Quit tobacco!

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