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    Health for All Ages: Infants

    During the first days, weeks and months of your baby's life, you have many decisions to make about his or her health, wellness and safety. Will you bottle feed or breastfeed? Which formula is best? Should you give your baby a pacifier?

    Luckily, when it comes to preventive checkups and immunizations, the choice is easy. Regular visits with your pediatrician help you measure your child's growth and development, and can help the doctor catch any problems early. Immunizations (shots) will be given at many of these visits, which can also prevent many serious childhood diseases.

    Talk to your doctor to find out which immunizations your baby needs and when they will be given. You can also find the most updated child and infant immunization charts online.

    Great news! Preventive medicine, including checkups and immunizations, are covered at 100% if you have a BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee health plan. There's no reason not to give your new bundle of joy the very best start at a well and healthy life!

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