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    Medical Checkup Checklist

    The preventive screenings you need and how often you need them depend on:

    • Your age
    • Your family history
    • Your gender (male or female)
    • Your overall health

    During a medical checkup, all adults should discuss the following concerns with their health care providers:

    • Blood pressure and cholesterol levels to check for or prevent heart disease
    • Blood sugar levels to check for or prevent diabetes
    • Height, weight and Body Mass Index to help manage weight and prevent weight-related diseases
    • Diet and exercise for help with weight management
    • Immunizations to see if you are up to date on all needed shots
    • Feelings of depression and anxiety and/or alcohol or substance abuse to decide if behavioral health services are needed
    • Tobacco use to get help in kicking the habit
    • All medicines you take, even those you get without a prescription to check for any problems
    • Any health problems you are having, big or small, so that your doctor understands how to help you
    • Depending on your age, gender and overall health, you may have other questions and concerns during your checkup.

    "I feel fine. Why do I need a medical checkup?"

    You may be tempted to put off your medical checkup. But your doctor and the preventive screenings could spot small problems before they grow into serious health issues. Most diseases are more successfully treated if caught early. And going for regular checkups makes it easier to see the doctor when you are sick.

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