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    Healthy Travel Tips for the Holidays

    Healthy Travel Tips for the Holidays

    It’s that time of year when travelers flock to airports to visit their loved ones for the holidays. And it can be chaotic to get everyone packed, arrange for a house-sitter, and do everything else that comes with planning for a family vacation.

     Usually, the last thing on our minds is eating healthy while traveling. But planning ahead can go a long way toward keeping everyone’s spirits high and avoiding sickness.

     Use these travel health tips to help you stay healthy on the go this holiday season.

    • Eat before you leave for the airport. You’ll be less tempted by high-calorie snacks with a full stomach.
    • Check the airport’s website to see dining options, then look up nutrition information for each one so you know which options are healthiest.
    • Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water can help satiate hunger pangs and prepare you for the dry, recirculated air on the plane.
    • Airports are a walking paradise — wear comfy shoes, clip on a pedometer and get going! See if you can reach 5,000 steps before you hit baggage claim.
    • Pack your exercise clothes and swimsuit so you can take advantage of any free time you may have while visiting.
    • Use the Healthy Plate Strategy – fill ½ of your plate with vegetables, ¼ of your plate with a starch and ¼ of your plate with lean meat.
    • Bring some non-perishable, low-fat snacks to tide you over. Take an extra minute to review your options at vending machines or convenience stores.

    Helpful tips for staying healthy on the go.

    If you’re unsure what kind of snacks to pack, here are a few healthy travel tips that should help. Remember that you can’t take liquids through the airport scanners, so you’ll either need to finish them before you go through security or purchase new ones once you’re inside.


    • Ready-made salad, broth-based veggie soup or low-sodium vegetable juice for your vegetable serving.
    • Hard-boiled egg whites, lean deli meat, low-fat cottage cheese or string cheese are good for protein.
    • Whole-wheat or whole grain cereals, crackers or bread count for your starch.
    • Yogurt (especially Greek) is good for dairy.
    • Fresh fruit or canned fruit cups in extra light syrup or juice can satisfy the sweet tooth.
    • Trail mix — one that is primarily nuts and dried fruit.
    • Sports nutrition bars can satisfy that chocolate craving. They may be comparable in calories to many candy bars, but are vitamin-fortified and higher in protein.
    • Water (sparkling or still), unsweetened tea, coffee or other calorie-free beverages quench thirst without adding calories.

     Regardless of which snacks you choose, remember that planning ahead this holiday season can keep everyone happy and healthy as you travel.

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