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Claims and Coverage 

When you need care, it’s important to know what your health plan covers. BlueAccess is here for you. Log in to see who your plan covers, view benefits, and check copays and specific deductible amounts. To get the complete details of your plan, you can also view and print your Evidence of Coverage (EOC).

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Our payment system lets you store multiple bank accounts, set up a future payment, cancel a future payment and view your payment history.

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The Claims Process

When you get care, the doctor or hospital you use files claims for you – usually within 180 days of your visit. After we process the claim, we tell you what we paid and if you owe anything.

If you need to file a claim for yourself, you can also download and complete a claim form on BlueAccess. You might need to file your own claim if:

  • You choose to receive care from an out-of-network provider, or
  • You use services that aren’t billed by a hospital or physician.

Add It All Together

Knowing what your health care could cost you out of your own pocket helps you make smart choices. Pay attention to these numbers to stay on top of your costs.


Your deductible is the amount of money you’ll have to pay out of pocket each year for the care you get before your health plan starts paying. Before you get care, take note of how much your deductible is and how much of it you’ve already paid this year. Not all health care services go toward your deductible – double check your benefits so you can be prepared for the cost of your care.

Out-of-Pocket Maximum

Your out-of-pocket maximum tells you the most money you could pay out-of-pocket for all the care you get this year (be sure to check both the in-network and the out-of network maximums). This is helpful if you expect to need a lot of health care this year.

If you have a health reimbursement account (HRA) or flexible spending account (FSA), you can see your balances and payments on BlueAccess.

The Year in Review

You can also download a summary of expenses, activities and health care purchases for you and everyone else your plan covers.

Check to see if your claim has been processed and view your balance details.

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Want More Details About Your Claim

Want More Details About Your Claim?

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