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    Smart Choices Saves Money

    Get the kind of care you need and save the ER for emergencies.

    When people use the ER for everyday care, we all pay more – higher rates, higher copays and definitely higher out-of-pocket costs. Use the ER when you have an emergency but see your doctor when you need routine care. If you don’t have a primary care doctor, choose one today. You get more consistent care from a doctor who knows you. That doctor knows your health history and can provide follow-up care. That helps keep you healthy and helps control your healthcare costs.

    Use Network Doctors and Hospitals To Save Every Time

    Your provider network is an important part of your health plan coverage. When you use the doctors, hospitals, and health care providers who belong to your specific network, you save money. Know your network. Check your member ID card and your network directory. Your plan lets you choose any doctor or hospital for your care, but if you choose a healthcare provider that is not in your network, you pay more on your own.

    Preventive care

    Do your homework. Talk to your doctor. Take the right preventive test. Preventive tests such as mammograms and prostate screenings can help keep you healthy. These simple tests help find symptoms early - before a more serious problem develops. For children, simple shots and vaccines can protect them from disease or illness and keep everyone in your family on the path toward good health. Your doctor can tell you the shots that are needed at certain times and ages. Getting the right preventive care at the right time is an important way to care for yourself and your family’s health, and keep down your costs. 

    Financial Assistance is Available

    Financial assistance is available to significantly lower your monthly premiums. Find out if you should apply for financial assistance with this easy-to-use calculator.

    Financial Assistance is Available

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