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Whether you’re searching for urgent care, need to make an appointment with a doctor or want to see ratings on doctors or hospitals, our Health Tools are meant to make the process easier.

Use our Find a Doctor tool to search for providers in your network including doctors, clinics, hospitals and more. Search by provider specialty or by the provider’s name, using your current location or a specific area. The type-ahead feature will suggest the names of providers, procedures and specialties to assist you with your search.  

Be sure to login to BlueAccess or enter your network information when performing a search. This helps us customize the results to display in-network providers – who’ll pay a higher coverage amount, according to your plan.

When you look for the Blue Distinction® designation you’ll easily find Tennessee hospitals and treatment centers proven to have delivered better overall outcomes. With more than 1,600 Blue Distinction Centers across 47 states you have quality choices for a wide range of specialty care needs.

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