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Allergy Testing - Leukocyte Histamine Release Test (LHRT)


The leukocyte histamine release test (LHRT) measures the amount of histamine released in-vitro. An allergen extract in varying concentrations is added to the peripheral blood leukocytes of the individual being tested and the in vitro release of histamine from basophils in response to exposure to the allergen is measured. Histamine is normally released as a consequence of the interaction of allergen with cell-bound IgE antibodies. If an individual is hypersensitive to a specific antigen, the leukocytes will release the histamine in-vitro. Only a limited number of allergens can be tested from a single sample of blood. Quality control studies have shown variability in the measurement of histamine results.




The leukocyte histamine release test is primarily used in the research setting.  Clinical data supporting its role in the clinical setting is lacking.


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