BCBST Medical Policy Appeals Process

BCBST Medical Policy Appeals Process

The information below defines BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee's decision-making process for coverage of a service:


Member Contract – The member’s contract is the first tool in the clinical decision process. If the service is provided within the contract, then it may require evaluation for medical appropriateness

Medical Policy – The medical policy is the second tool in the clinical decision process. The Medical Policy Manual will provide policy statements and medical appropriateness criteria to determine medical necessity

MCG Care Guidelines, including, Modified Utilization Management Guidelines – The UM criteria is the third tool in the clinical decision process. If the contract addresses the service, but Medical Policy does not, then the UM guidelines should be applied to the request for the service


  • Ensure appropriate routing, tracking, and resolution of medical policy appeals
  • Establish a standard process for responding to medical policy appeals
  • Give providers a standardized process to pursue when they disagree with a medical policy
  • Provide accurate tracking of medical policy appeals for reporting


What is a Medical Policy Appeal?

  • The means of expressing dissatisfaction with a BCBST medical policy position and recommending an evidence supported revision

Information Required from a Provider

  • Published, peer-reviewed, evidence-based research studies regarding the technology or procedure in question


Medical Policy Appeals Process

  • Provider submits a written request for an appeal of a medical policy, along with any supporting information to the Provider Appeals Department
  • Provider Appeals Coordinator sends the request to the Division Representative for Medical Policy Research & Development
  • Medical Policy Research & Development reviews the appeal and supporting information
  • The appeal decision is returned to the Provider Appeals Department with a detailed response for the provider
  • A written response is sent via registered mail to the network provider


How to Submit a Medical Policy Appeal Request

  • Network providers submit a written request & supporting documentation to:

    Provider Appeals Coordinator Provider Networks and Contracting Division
    BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee
    1 Cameron Hill Circle
    Chattanooga, TN 37402