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Follow-up care for children prescribed medication for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

ADHD is common childhood disorder that can cause difficult relationships with family members and peers, academic underachievement, and behavioral problems. Pharmacotherapy can be effective, but it may take some months to stabilize a patient. Even then, patient response can vary, so timely follow-up visits are important.

Patient population: Children ages 6–12 who are taking medication for ADHD.

Quality Goal: Schedule no fewer than three follow-up visits in 10 months, as follows:

  • Schedule a follow-up visit with a practitioner that has prescribing authority for your patients ages within 30 days of their initial prescription, and
  • Schedule two additional visits within nine months following initiation.

What can you do for your patients?

  • Discuss the importance of the follow-up visit with patients and parents.
  • Schedule all follow-up visits during the initial visit and send reminder calls, postcards, and other reminders before the next visit.

Provider Resources

Patient Resources

24/7 Crisis Line

Let your patients know that they can get confidential help for mental health emergencies by calling
855-CRISIS-1 or 855-274-7471

Behavioral Health Consultation and Referral Line

Speak with an expert M-F 9-5 (ET)