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Adherence to antipsychotic medications for individuals with schizophrenia

For many reasons, people with schizophrenia may find it difficult to adhere to treatment with antipsychotics. Nonadherence contributes significantly to relapse, which often results in hospitalization. Encouraging patients with schizophrenia to take their medications as prescribed is key to helping them improve their quality of life.

Patient population: Patients ages 19–64 who have been prescribed an antipsychotic for schizophrenia.

Quality Goal: Ensure patients remain on their medication for at least 80% of their treatment period.

How can you help your patients adhere to treatment?

  • Call BCBST. Our members living with schizophrenia may qualify for case management and other services. For more information, call 800-818-8581.
  • Be mindful of drug interactions that can cause side effects when combined with antipsychotics. Adverse effects contribute to nonadherence.
  • If your patient consents, help him or her form a team of family and friends who can monitor medication adherence, be alert for signs of relapse, and get help early.

Provider Resources

Patient Resources

BCBST provider flyer: Post-Hospitalization Mental Illness Follow-up
BCBST member brochure: Follow-Up for Behavioral Health
BCBST member brochure: Behavioral Health Case Management Services

24/7 Crisis Line

Let your patients know that they can get confidential help for mental health emergencies by calling
855-CRISIS-1 or 855-274-7471

Behavioral Health Consultation and Referral Line

Speak with an expert M-F 9-5 (ET)