UM Guidelines
Comprehensive Child and Family Treatment (CCFT): Intensive Outpatient Program

Behavioral Health (BH)

BCBST last reviewed June 10, 2021*

Clinical Indications for Admission to Intensive Outpatient Program


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[A] Comprehensive Child and Family Treatment (CCFT) services are high-intensity, goal-specific services designed to provide stabilization and deter the imminent risk of out of home placement, including state custody or higher levels of care. CCFT services concentrate on child/family/guardian behaviors and interactions with the goal of reaching an appropriate point of stabilization so the individual can be transitioned to a less intensive outpatient service.  CCFT services can be provided in home, community, or office-based settings using a frequency appropriate for the intensity and imminent risk presented by the clinical situation, but typically at least 3 sessions a week.  CCFT services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CCFT services can include therapeutic and/or skills training interventions that support improved functioning of the child/youth and the family unit so the imminent crises are averted. Services are designed to utilize and foster individual and family strengths and utilization of community supports, both formal and informal. This intensive care coordination component of CCFT is designed to initially “wrap” families with supports but ultimately to help families independently navigate systems to meet their formal and informal needs. CCFT services are delivered through a team approach to children with high risk behaviors and family instability.

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