UM Guidelines
Sclerotherapy, Leg Veins

Ambulatory Care (AC)

BCBST last reviewed November 12, 2020*

Changed Clinical Indications include the following:
  • Leg vein sclerotherapy [for example: liquid, foam or microfoam (Varithena®)]* may be indicated for...
    • [The treatment is not for telangiectasia (like: spider veins, reticular veins, angiomata)]*
    • Documentation of ...
      • ...
      • Skin ulcer with surrounding large superficial varices, when not associated with saphenofemoral valve incompetence
      • ...


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  2. Geroulakos, G. (2006). Foam Sclerotherapy for the management of varicose veins: a critical reappraisal. Phlebology, 13 (4), 202-206.




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