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Requesting Advance Payment for Services

We know you might be concerned about the ability of patients to pay for their health care costs, even if they have health insurance. It is important to note that health care providers are not permitted to collect retainer fees, deposits or payment of service in full for any covered service from any BlueCross member, per the agreement specified in our contract with you. You are, however, permitted to require payment for service, up to the cost share amount per the member’s plan.

If the member’s coverage is terminated for non-payment of premium, you are permitted to bill the member for any unpaid services.

As with any other commercial network, please verify benefits and eligibility before charging any member a copay, deductible or coinsurance up front. You may refer to the Compensation Section of your BlueCross Core Agreement that refers to inappropriate billing of a BlueCross member.

In addition, per our contract, any discrimination against BlueCross members is not permitted.