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Institutional Provider Testing

Getting Started

Before beginning, BlueCross recommends that the resources supporting this test have the necessary training and tools required to perform the re-coding activity.

  • ICD-10 training for coders can be acquired via several different routes from a variety of industry and professional training organizations. BlueCross does not endorse any specific vendor as each facility likely already works with a combination of national and state level associations and vendors as part of their current ICD-9 coding activities.
  • ICD-10 tools which are traditionally used by coders can also be acquired from both industry associations and through professional vendors. While BlueCross does not endorse any specific vendors we do recommend that the resources that will support the test have ready access to ICD-10 coding manuals and others tools normally used in their day-to-day activities.

What You Need to Get Started:

  • You need to have completed the re-coding effort for all claims which you are ready to submit. We recommend that you enter all of the ICD-10 codes into the specific spreadsheet template which was given to you when you registered to participate in the Facility Testing activity.
  • You need to have that spreadsheet readily available for uploading to the facility test site or to reference if you choose to manually enter the ICD-10 codes for each test claim.

Institutional Providers will need to contact BlueCross at ICD10_GM@bcbst.com in order to receive the link for the facility testing tool. Please supply the following information:

  • Business Name
  • BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Provider Number
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Contact Name

Contracted Institutional Providers with BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee can test scenarios for ICD-10 using a web-based tool at your convenience and at no cost. The ICD-10 Testing Tool will have medical record numbers that represent high-dollar and high-volume scenarios for the institutional provider. The medical record number will allow the provider to find the chart at the facility that can be recorded using ICD-10 codes. Once contacted for ICD-10 Testing, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee will have your information loaded with the medical record numbers within a week. This user guide is designed to assist testing resources with the use of the tool.

  • Institutional Testing Tool – Web-Based Self Service
    • Browser Requirements (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or FireFox)
    • Providers can test scenarios with DRG code being returned
    • Scenarios can be selected by the testing provider
    • Largely based upon DRGs of interest
    • Evaluation of results
  • Provider can register via this website, and will receive an email inviting them to participate with an embedded link to the testing tool
  • Provider Steps for tool registration and testing
    • Provider contacts BlueCross; BlueCross loads claim scenarios with medical record number
    • Provider Registers on the website
    • Provider users access application
    • Provider obtains the medical record and completes the scenarios with ICD-10 coding
    • Provider submits the scenarios and reviews results which will be grouper using MS-DRG Grouper version 30

Click here to view the Institutional Provider Testing Tool User Guide

Reporting a Problem

If you encounter a problem with these testing tools or have a question regarding testing, send an email to ICD10_GM@BCBST.COM. Please include a detailed summary of the problem. User inquiries will receive a 24-hour turn-around time for a response.