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National Hospital Quality Comparisons

National Hospital Quality Comparisons

The link below takes you to a Department of Health and Human Services sponsored Web site whose purpose is to provide quality measures based on allpayer data. Allpayer data includes data from patients insured by private health insurance (such as a BlueCross and BlueShield plan or other private carriers) in addition to data from Medicare and Medicaid patients.*

This site reports hospital-specific measures of quality for over 4000 hospitals organized to report through the American Hospital Association. The information is provided specifically by these hospitals on a voluntary basis for consumer use. off-site link

* The use of allpayer data for quality measures is important, since those based on Medicare only (the most popular source of data for hospital-specific quality measures) may not even apply to a privately-insured population due to age-related issues.

JCAHO Hospital Quality Check

The Joint Commission (JCAHO)  reports on quality and safety of hospitals. You can compare Joint Commission-accredited hospitals and view their performance ratings, with Quality Check.  See how your hospital of choice measures up. 

Page Modified:May 22, 2012