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Personal Health Analysis Overview

Personal Health Analysis

How healthy is your everyday routine? Find out now, by taking a quick and easy Personal Health Analysis. The convenient, online questionnaire can point out your potential health risks, and show you ways to take action now to help avoid future illness or health concerns.

When you complete the questionnaire, you’ll see instant results in an online personal wellness report. This confidential report identifies potential health risk areas and provides information on healthy practices designed to reduce these risks. In addition, the analysis may show you are eligible for certain lifestyle and health coaching programs – and how to enroll or participate.

Together, the health analysis and feedback report make it easy for you to take the first step in evaluating your specific health risks, and making positive personal changes toward meeting better health goals.

How to begin

Just follow the instructions on the right to register or log into BlueAccess, the secure portion of the Web site. Then just:

  • Select the Personal Health Analysis and see your Personal Health Manager resource
  • Click on Personal Health Analysis in the middle of the page
  • Complete your analysis and review your results
  • Use those results and any additional support provided to meet your better health goals

The Personal Health Analysis is one of the many Well+Wise resources and tools we provide to help you focus on better health. It can help detect lifestyle habits that can lead to illness in the future, but it is not a substitute for a physical check-up and cannot identify specific illnesses. Always talk to your doctor about any specific health concerns.