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Chattanooga is located in southeast Tennessee, near the Georgia and Alabama borders, just a two- to three-hour drive from Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville and Birmingham. Built on the banks of the Tennessee River, and nestled between wooded ridges and hills, it's a mid-sized city on the move. Nationally recognized for its downtown renaissance and riverfront development, Chattanooga also boasts some of the most affordable housing in the country.

Outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, rock climbing and cycling blend with Chattanooga's diverse cultural offerings to create a unique lifestyle you'll have to experience to believe.

Our headquarters in Chattanooga plays a central role in our effort to support healthy lifestyles, with a Fitness Center, Nutrition Center, Care Center and Pharmacy all located on site. These features help our employees make healthy choices every day and stay on the path to wellness.

While our main office is in Chattanooga, we maintain a presence throughout Tennessee. BlueCross has offices in Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Johnson City and Jackson. Each one has its own fitness room and healthy nutrition or vending options.

And BlueCross has been recognized with numerous awards for our programs to encourage work-life balance and healthy lifestyles.

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