Distinctive People With One Goal.

Strength through workplace and community diversity.

Distinctive People With One Goal.

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We know that true diversity in the workforce is the basis of an organization's success. Our people reflect diversity of ethnicity, thought, talent, skills and abilities. That blended mix of attributes contributes to our company's strength. It enlightens our leadership and it infuses our company's daily life with vitality.

"Diversity in our workforce is the base we build on to be a successful company. Our ability to face future challenges will only be enhanced by the inclusion of all views and ideas in our decision-making processes." – J.D. Hickey, President and CEO

Our commitment to diversity extends beyond the workplace to initiatives and practices that enhance economic opportunities, improve personal health and benefit the community.

Diversity is a driving force in interactions with:

  • Employees, co-workers and associates
  • Customer groups, employers and plan members
  • Community organizations, neighborhoods and families
  • Business associates, sales agents and suppliers

To learn more view our 2014 Diversity Report.


Workplace Diversity

Creating a culture of inclusion that allows each employee to be viewed and valued as a talented, contributing member of the organization.


Community Diversity

Celebrating the rich diversity of individuals and businesses that we bring to the communities in which we live and work.


Suppliers and Partners

In support of small and minority-owned businesses, BlueCross BlueShield works to promote business development with vendors who demonstrate diversity within their companies.


Vendor Registration

Are you a supplier and think you could be a good fit for BlueCross BlueShield? In this section, find the documents you need to review and submit.

Community Impact

Community Impact

We're committed to improving and sustaining the communities we serve through charitable investments.

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