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Cameron Hill

Our Cameron Hill campus is the largest LEED Gold-certified corporate campus in Tennessee and among the largest in the nation.

Cameron Hill Courtyard

Features on the campus include:

  • A parking garage and white roofing membranes that help reduce ambient urban temperatures.
  • A raised floor system that helps to improve indoor air quality by supplying air at the breathing zone and allowing individuals to regulate airflow in their work areas.
  • Landscaping to reduce stormwater flow by 15 percent – a measure that decrease pollution.
  • A building design that reduces energy costs by an estimated 20 percent or $265,000 annually.
  • A high-performance lighting design and individual task-lighting control that can increase employee productivity more than 1.5 percent or $1,000 annually per employee.

Not only does our campus promote "green" awareness and give back to the environment, but the cutting-edge design offers breathtaking views of Chattanooga's natural beauty, promotes employee collaboration, and emphasizes our mission focus of health and healing, life and living.

For more information about Cameron Hill, please explore our case studies.

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