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Green Business

Garden at Cameron Hill

Our commitment to the environment encompasses everything about our company from where we work to how we work.

  • The Cameron Hill nutrition center provides local farmers and businesses with compost.
  • The solar array on the roof of our Gateway building produces 40 percent of the building’s electricity.
  • Our focus on conducting business as electronically as possible, rather than printing thousands of documents has reduced the amount of paper we use by 35 percent over three years.
  • LEED-Gold certification for our corporate headquarters on Cameron Hill, and our office complex at the Golden Gateway.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning and pest control products.
  • State-of-the-art storm water runoff systems that contain rainwater for use in irrigation and remove pollutants before they can reach local waterways.

Community Impact

We're committed to improving and sustaining the communities we serve through charitable investments.

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