Creating active, healthy spaces across Tennessee

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BlueCross Healthy Place Program

Introducing the new signature cause for the BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Health Foundation

Beginning this year, funds from the BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Health Foundation will predominantly support our BlueCross Healthy Place program, which creates and improves active, healthy spaces in communities across the state.

We’ll give up to $7 million each year to projects aligned with this cause.

This spring, we’ll announce our first BlueCross Healthy Place project. Then in the fall, we’ll announce a competitive opportunity for 2019 funding.


Creating active, healthy spaces across Tennessee

We’ll build a healthier Tennessee together

We love Tennessee and the people we share it with. That’s why we work to keep our friends, neighbors and communities healthy and strong.

Public spaces can take many forms, and are often the heartbeat of our communities. We want to help them thrive by encouraging healthy activity – and healthy connections – among our friends and neighbors. 

Focusing our philanthropic resources on BlueCross Healthy Places will allow us to have a bigger impact on the lives of our communities than ever, reaching both urban and rural areas all across Tennessee for the foreseeable future. 

Through this initiative, we’ll fund a variety of community assets that help our neighbors live active, healthy lives. We’ll also support public spaces and programs with the help of Team Blue, our employee volunteers, who contribute thousands of hours to community projects and causes each year. 

For each project, we’ll meet with local residents to discuss their community’s needs, ensuring every BlueCross Healthy Place is tailored to the area and the residents it serves. Each space will bring people together and foster a sense of community, forging new connections throughout the state. 

We’re right here for Tennessee, and right here for you.

How Are We Helping Improve Our Communities?

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Our employees reflect the diversity of ethnicity, thought, talent, skills and abilities we find in the communities we serve. And that helps us fulfill our mission.

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