Committed to Tennessee.

Beyond providing great insurance for our state.

Committed to Tennessee.

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Committed to Tennessee

Our reputation as Tennessee's leading health care company is built on a legacy of commitment. We work to improve and sustain the physical, financial and community health of Tennesseans. Our promise that goes beyond providing great insurance – it's a dedicated choice to be there when you need us.

We're Your Tennessee Neighbors & Friends, Committed to Your Health.

We've pledged to handle your claims with efficiency. We're intent on hiring and developing the most skilled and diverse workforce in the state and forging strong partnerships with Tennessee's best health care providers. And we've promised to help you understand your options in this new health care era.

In all these ways and more, our commitment to Tennessee shows through in our pride, our integrity and everything we do.

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    Why BCBST


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    Financial Assistance is Available

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