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Communication Settings
Go paperless by choosing to receive your statements, helpful information on health and wellness topics and programs and other communications by e-mail. If you want to switch back, simply update your communications settings. Also, sign up to receive alerts you customize to inform you about your claim activity, when your FSA and other health care balances meet a certain level and more.
Communications will be sent to current email address on file:

Edit Email

Please select the types of electronic communication you wish to receive.

Choose to be alerted on any of the options below: How do alerts work
If you've signed up to receive e-mail notifications when one or more of the conditions you've selected occurs, an Alert message will be sent to you prompting you to check your Message Center inbox.
When Deductible has been met.
When my HRA balanace is depleted $
When I have reached my out of pocket maximum.
When their pre-existing condition period has ended.
When they have reached a visit limit.
When subscriber needs to update student status information.
When my HSA balanace is depleted $
When my FSA balanace falls below. $
Add a new reminder How do reminders work 
Your reminder note will be sent to the Message Center inbox on the selected date or on recurring dates. You will be notified by e-mail that you have a new message in your Message Center inbox.
Reminder Name Notes Initial Trigger Date Recurs Action
Attend my Check-up See Dr. Smith 10:00 am 12/15/2010 Annually Edit | Delete
Take Health Assessment Complete online 09/12/2010 Annually Edit | Delete
Pick up Meds Luis' prescription 08/01/2010 Monthly Edit | Delete
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