UM Guidelines
Behavioral Health

Additional Listings

Applied Behavioral Analysis - For BlueCare Use Only

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)/Program of Assertive Community Treatment (PACT)

Comprehensive Child and Family Treatment (CCFT): Intensive Outpatient Program

Continuous Treatment Team (CTT): Intensive Outpatient Program

Delirium: Inpatient Care

Family Intervention Treatment Team (FITT) - For BlueCare Use Only

Other Psychiatric Disorders: Intensive Outpatient Program

Other Psychiatric Disorders: Residential Care

Psychosocial Rehabilitation - For BlueCare Use Only

Respite Care, Adult: Residential Care

Respite Care, Child/Adolescent: Residential Care

Sub-Acute Behavioral Health Level of Care, Adult: Partial Hospital Program

Substance-Related Disorders, Adult: Inpatient Care

Substance-Related Disorders, Child or Adolescent: Inpatient Care

Supported Housing: Residential Care


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