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Depression is serious, but treatment can help.

Depression is a serious disease that can affect every part of your life. Being depressed doesn’t mean you are a weak or bad person or that you should be ashamed. Getting help can save your life. Your provider can get you started in the right direction. We’re also here to help. Learn More

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With depression, you need to see a doctor regularly. Use an in-network provider to manage your health and your health care costs. Get in touch with us if you need help.



Living Well with Depression

Antidepressants Can Help Lift Your Depression

Taking your antidepressant correctly plays a big role in how well it works.

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You may have side effects when you take antidepressants. Usually the side effects go away in time. Never stop taking your medicine until you talk to your provider.

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Take Action Today

When Do You or a Loved One Need Emergency Help for Depression?

Thoughts of killing yourself or harming others are very serious. Call 911 or ask someone for help right away.

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Are you worried that a family member or friend who is depressed could harm themselves? Never assume they are just kidding around.

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What Else Helps with Depression?

Counseling or therapy is recommended along with antidepressants. Your provider can give you a referral to a qualified therapist.

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Exercise, a healthy diet and the right amount of sleep can help with depression.

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Depression Is a Special Concern After You Have a Baby

Many women may have “the baby blues” in the days after childbirth. They feel down, sad or emotional. This usually passes. Postpartum depression is much more serious and can last weeks or months.

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Medicines for Depression

You should expect to feel better when taking medicines for depression.

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Counseling for Depression

Counseling is a valuable tool in treating depression.

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Stories from People Recovering from Depression

Many people face depression and feel better.

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