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We're here to help you
stay well with diabetes.

We're here to help you stay well with diabetes.

Learn About Diabetes

Do you have diabetes or are you caring for someone who does? Does diabetes run in your family and you want to know more? Your doctor and other health care providers will answer many of your questions. But we are also here to help you learn how you can play an active role in managing diabetes. Check here often for updates. Learn More

+ Know the tests you need and contact a doctor.

Contact a Doctor

If you’re diabetic, you need to see a doctor regularly. Use an in-network provider to manage your health and your health care costs. Get in touch with us if you need help.



Living Well with Diabetes

Staying Motivated

You may find it difficult to stay motivated to manage your diabetes appropriately. The following suggestions may help...more

Professional Athletes with Diabetes

The following four athletes with diabetes manage their illness along with their careers…more

7 Tips for Traveling with Diabetes

Traveling can be stressful for the 10 percent of Tennesseans with diabetes…more

Are you up-to-date on these tests?

HbA1C Test

This blood test shows how steady your blood sugar levels have been over time.

Learn More

Kidney Tests

Urine and blood tests help find the kidney disease (nephropathy) early.

Learn More

Dilated Eye Exam

Diabetes can damage the back of your eyes. A yearly test can spot problems.

Learn More

Cholesterol Test

Diabetics often have cholesterol problems that lead to heart attack and stroke.

Learn More

Blood Pressure Screening

Diabetics are more likely to have a heart attack, stroke or kidney disease. High blood pressure adds to the risk.

Learn More

Watch Videos

Testing Your Blood Sugar

Learn the best way to test blood sugar.

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Daily Foot Care

Learn why checking your feet is important and how to do it.

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How Others Manage Diabetes

Hear how other people learned to do a better job managing their diabetes.

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