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Your pharmacy benefits depend on the health plan you have. Choose from the options below to see your coverage details.

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Is my drug covered?

You can check out all our drug lists here.

How do I get one of my drugs covered?

First, talk with your doctor about any generic versions or other drugs on your drug list that might work just as well. If we don’t cover a drug you need, your doctor can send us a request to cover it if they feel it’s important to your treatment. We’ll consider the request and get back to you on our decision.

How do I find a pharmacy in my network?

You can search for pharmacies by network in the Find a Doctor tool. Either search by the pharmacy’s name and check which networks they’re in, or search for ones near you and filter your results by your network. If you log in to your member account first, your search results will automatically list pharmacies in your network. Need more help? Click here to contact us.