You can sync your health app

If you have a Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare with Medicaid, or Marketplace plan, you can sync your health app to your account so you can check and keep track of your personal health info.

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Things to think about first

Before you get started, read these questions and answers to make sure syncing your health info is right for you.

What kind of info can I see on a third-party health app?

You can sync info like your coverage and benefits, claims, prescriptions and more. You can also get more info on providers.

What will BlueCross share with my health app?

If you choose to sync your health info, you’re giving us permission to share your health info with your app. This info can include:

  • Your claims and encounter information
  • Clinical info about your care
  • Your treatments and other sensitive information

Remember that your health app doesn’t have to follow the same HIPAA rules or privacy laws that we do. Each app has its own privacy policy. BlueCross cannot provide support for third-party apps. So please read your health app’s policy before you decide whether to sync your info.

Learn more about your privacy rights and how to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or Office of Civil Rights (OCR).

Questions to think about when choosing an app

  • Will the app sell my info for any reason?
  • Will it share my info with other companies for research or promotion?
  • Will the app let me limit how it uses or shares my info?
  • Is it easy to remove access to my info? How do I remove the app from my device?
  • How will this app tell me about changes in privacy policies?
  • Will the app collect non-health info, like my location?
  • How does this app protect my information?
  • Will sharing this info affect others, like my family?
  • Can I see my info and make changes?
  • Does the app answer questions and complaints?

If you have any doubt, you may want to rethink letting your app access your health info.

Does BlueCross provide support for apps from other companies?

We cannot provide support for your health app. If you have any questions or need help, please contact your app.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions about syncing your health info to a health app.

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Before You Sync

Here’s some things to know before you sync your data to a health app.

What health app can I use?

There are many options, including ones that come with your device. Be sure to choose an app that will protect your privacy and info. BlueCross doesn’t approve or manage any health apps other than our own, so we can’t provide help or support for the app you choose.

What username and password will I use in the health app?

Once you’ve asked your health app to sync with BlueCross, use your BlueCross online account username and password to verify that you want us to send your info to your app.

What happens if I forget my username and password?

No problem. If you’ve had an online account with us in the past 18 months, you can reset your password. If your account is older than 18 months, you’ll have to register for a new account using your previous member ID and group number. If you need help, contact us.

What happens if I change my plan or add a new plan?

If you change your plan or add a new type of plan, you’ll get a new BCBST member ID. That means you’ll need to set up a new online account. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to resync your health app to each account you have.

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Using Your Health App

Learn more about syncing your personal health data to your app.

How long will a health app see my health info?

Once you give an app access to your BlueCross health info, it will stay active for 90 days. If you haven’t looked at your data within 90 days, you’ll need to renew your access or it will be automatically removed. Keep in mind that some health apps will store your synced data.

Can I decide what info I share with my health app?

No. When you choose to sync your health app to BlueCross, that app can see all your health info.

How much of my health history will be shared with my health app?

Laws require us to provide up to five years of personal health info to your chosen health app.

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Transferring Your Info

Here’s some things to know transferring your info from your previous plan.

How do I transfer my health info?

To transfer your health info, log into your BlueCross online member portal and complete the Health Info Transfer Request. Follow the steps and enter your previous health insurer’s name to get started.

Where can I transfer my health info from?

You can transfer your health info from your previous health insurer to BlueCross and keep track of it all on a third-party health app.

What kind of info will be included?

The Health Info Transfer Request includes data like your allergies, vaccinations, and other clinical notes. Claims and Explanations of Benefits aren’t included in the transfer.

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Making Changes

Here are some tips about removing access or fixing a problem.

How can I remove access to my health info?

Your health app’s access will be removed if you haven’t looked at your data in 90 days. You can renew it again when you’re ready. You may also be able to remove it in the app’s settings. If you have questions or need help removing your health app’s access to your data, contact us.

What if something isn’t correct on my health info?

If info about your provider visits is not correct, contact your provider. If you have problems with your app, contact the app for help. And if you have questions about your claims info, contact us.

Are you a health app developer?

Secure sharing is important to us. We have all the info you need right here.