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It’s now easier to pay your health care costs

  • Members with a BlueCross plan through their employers or an online marketplace will be able to pay their health care costs from their account.
  • You can pay your doctors, specialists, or health care facilities, make full or partial payments, and use the same credit, debit, and bank accounts you always have.
  • To offer online payments, we're partnering with InstaMed, who will process the payments and help you keep track of your receipts.
Start using your BlueCross account for payments today!
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Available on BlueCross member portal through your computer or mobile device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be able to use this feature in their BlueCross account?
This feature will only be available for the primary member on plans provided through an employer or purchased on an online marketplace. Medicare members will have access to this feature at a later date.
How much will this service cost me?
Paying your claims through your BlueCross account won't cost you anything.
How will I know when I have a claim I need to pay?
We add new claims to your Claims page after we receive them from your providers. You can update your contact preferences to receive notifications by email.
Who am I able to pay with this?
You are able to pay most Medical, Dental or Vision claims. If online payments are unavailable, the Pay Provider button will be hidden.
Can I pay my providers through the myBlueTN app?
We will be rolling this out to our app myBlueTN soon! Until then, you can access your BlueAccess account from your phone, tablet, or computer.
Can I add my HSA or FSA card as a payment method?
Yes. If your provider accepts it as a form of payment, you can also add any major credit, debit, ACH, HRA, FSA or HSA cards as well as your bank account as a payment method.
How do I get a receipt for my payment to my provider?
After you've paid, click the Email Receipt button and enter your email address.
What should I do if I already paid my provider in person at my visit?
If you paid your provider during your visit, check the Mark as Paid box next to the Pay Provider button.
What should I do if there’s an issue with my payment?
For help with payments, call InstaMed toll free at (866) 467-8263. You can also contact InstaMed through their Contact Us page, or you can email their support team at
What if I have a question about a bill from my providers?
If you have any questions about your share of the cost, please contact your provider. Remember to have your claim summary handy.
How long does it take for the provider to be paid?
If the provider has an account with InstaMed then they will receive payment instantly. If not, they will receive payment anywhere from 7 - 14 days.

Start using your BlueCross account for payments today!

Login and visit your claims page to start using your BlueCross account for making payments.

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