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Fight Fraud

At BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, we are committed to protecting member interests and corporate assets by detecting, investigating and preventing wrongful acts committed against the corporation.

Financial losses incurred as a result of fraud, waste, or abuse have a direct effect upon you as the consumer of health care services. When fraudulent claims are submitted and paid, these amounts are reflected in the premiums you incur for your health care. In addition, some forms of health care fraud and abuse, such as medically unnecessary x-rays, or using unqualified personnel to perform treatments, may be dangerous to your health and certainly dangerous to your financial well-being. Click on one of the items to the right to find out more about fraud and how we can work together to fight the individuals and corporations who engage in these fraudulent activities.

Do you need to report possible fraud immediately?

This process may result in administrative or civil action taken against the person committing the act, in an attempt to recover dollars lost. Any act believed to be of a criminal nature will be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency for their consideration.